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Current: RC1 (1C20)

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11D Sculptor is full-3D freehand sculpting software. Its intuitive and powerful modeling tools change what is possible in digital sculpting. Using 11D Firefly - an innovative 3D 6DOF input device for real 3D space navigation gives the artists all the natural sculpting touches in the virtual world.

Doing 3D modeling with 2D tools like mice and tablets is pointless. It involves techniques for simulation of 3D space movements and touches while the user input is in 2D plane. Although some 3D deformations could be done using the surface normal as the third axis, it is far from real free-form and freehand 3D space sculpting.

11D Sculptor offers real 3D freehand tools and enables the artists to sculpt with every movement possible in the real world. There is a rich set of powerful deformation tools with adjustable settings to provide full range of possible deformations like different kinds of push and pull, drag and smear, smoothing, custom form displacement with user defined brush-like displacement maps, etc. The working environment and tools are made with ease of use and productiveness in mind. These tools, combined with another unique feature researched for Sculptor - DynamicMesh, make the Sculptor functionality unparalleled in the world of 3D modeling.

You can see the Sculptor Gallery and Alpha Demo to get to its look and features. Take a look at Sculptor feature list to see the whole picture of possibilities. You are invited to ask any questions not covered there at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it