System requirements

- Windows XP / Vista / 7 ( MacOS X and Linux versions are coming too )

- 3 USB2.0 ports: one port at the PC for the camera + two ports at PC or USB hub for the Firefly pointer and USB-stick.


Firefly operates in infrared (IR) spectrum to minimize any interference with visible lights or objects in the working environment. The only requirement is to keep any infrared source away from the camera field of view. Such sources could be some other devices operating in infrared spectrum as infrared ports of computers, mobile phones, printers, etc. incandescent light bulbs, some kind of heaters or the Sun itself if the camera is directed to the window. These sources could make infrared noise in the scene captured by the camera only if they are placed in front of the camera so their image is captured directly. In such cases position of the Firefly becomes undetectable while the source not removed or the camera rotated. The user will be notified by the software about the "IR Noise" state.