Here is the list of Firefly technical features. If you need more details feel free to ask about them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Firefly pointer could be moved by user freely in space with only restriction that the head has to be visible and not turned back to the camera. There are no hard mechanical connections to the Firefly pointer, only a USB cable connecting it to the computer. Also there are no restrictions for the position of the camera as long as it is comfortable for the user.


With Firefly device you have the full range of natural movements and actions. Significant is the position you point to as well as the direction you point that position from and the orientation of your hand. It makes a lot of difference if you imagine a knife cut. All the movements you do in real world are with 6 degrees-of-freedom and with Firefly you have them into the virtual world.

Absolute positioning

The Firefly driver all the time measures absolute position of the pointer to the camera. Previous invisibility of the pointer or some of its parts could not lead to further positioning problems, recalibration, etc. With positioning algorithm of Firefly, there is no need of any hardware or software calibration at all.


Firefly has long visibility range of several meters distance of the Firefly pointer from the camera. Of course, the range the user see is software dependent and suits the needs of virtual navigation of the software application used. For example, in Sculptor software if you move the pointer 2 meters far from the camera, it will be outside the virtual world you see, somewhere far behind the screen.


Firefly has a very high accuracy of fraction of millimeter in near distance. The accuracy depends on the distance of the Firefly from the camera.

USB Device and data storage

Firefly system includes a USB-stick device. Its flash memory (4GB for Firefly V1) stores the Sculptor setup and also can be used for storage of any other user data as workpieces created with Sculptor, some resources needed or whatever data user wants to bring along with the Firefly.

Ergonomic and lightweight

Ergonomic and lightweight design of the Firefly pointer gives the user comfort in the day-long work.

Left-Right symmetric

Equally usable for left-handed and right-handed users.

Durable design

It is made of very durable plastic and it is very hard to be broken by hand. All components used are with very long lifetime and shock resistant. All of them are encapsulated in the Firefly device body, so it is also waterproof.

Working Environment

Firefly device is using infrared light (IR) which is invisible for human eyes. No visible light could interfere with the pointer or prevent its visibility. The visible light environment is up to the user, Firefly will operate equally well in light and dark rooms. The only restriction applies to the infrared light or "heat". There are some sources like the Sun or incandescent light bulbs that emit visible light as well as infrared light. So if the camera is directed toward such source, there will be infrared noise and Firefly will not operate in such environment. For more information read Requirements section.

It is clinically guaranteed that infrared is not harmful. Even newborn babies are warmed with intensive infrared light, which is actually the other name for "heat". The Sun and all heated objects on earth emit large amounts of infrared light.

Compatible hardware

The three hardware parts of the Firefly system - the Firefly pointer, camera and USB-stick - are very easy for setup and use. They use USB2.0 interface which is widely supported on all popular computer hardware and operating systems including the top three: Windows, MacOS and Linux. There are few very simple steps needed to setup Firefly system on your computer.