Privacy Policy

11D is committed to keep your information private. Any personal information you submit to us will not be shared, sold or rent to any 3rd parties.


11D website collects anonymous technical information about visitors as IP, browser type and navigation path. It is used to analyze site places of interest, to count visits by world regions, for site navigation optimizations, etc. This information is collected in-house and not supplied to any 3rd parties.


Your e-mail, if submitted to 11D Newsletter, is considered as private data and will not be shared, sold or rent to any 3rd parties, nor added to any 3rd parties mailing lists.


Everything you post in 11D Community forum is public and could be seen by any visitor of the forum. Personal information for your account is private and will be kept as private.

Changes to this privacy policy statement, which eventually may appear later, will be mailed to 11D Newsletter too.