Full-3D digital sculpting software with dynamic mesh modeling which gives you the ability to sculpt 3D digital models as natural as if you are working with clay.

Sculptor utilizes Firefly pointing device to enable intuitive freehand form deformation in 3D space with 6 degrees-of-freedom.

Its powerful tools give you all modeling operations possible in real-world clay modeling and go further to enable deformations unthinkable for the natural sculpting... read more


Freehand 3D space pointing device with 6 degrees-of-freedom.

It enables you to navigate in 3D space with intuitive pointing and expands your abilities with entire new world of 3D applications as 3D virtual sculpting, 3D drawing and painting, real-world navigation in games, etc.

Ergonomic design and natural usage make it a comfortable tool to unveil your creativity... read more

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